Islamic religious concept affirming similarity between Allah and human beings
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Tashbih (Arabic: تشبيه) is an Islamic religious concept meaning anthropomorphism, assimilating/comparing God to His creatures.[1] In Islamic theology, two opposite terms are attributed to Allah, tashbih and tanzih (transcendence).

However, the fuller meaning of tashbih is 'affirming similarity', i.e. affirming similarity between God and His creatures. This concept is eternally juxtaposed with Allah's tanzih (transcendence, or 'declaring incompatibility').

Both ta'til, divesting God of His attributes, and tashbih, anthropomorphism, are considered to be heresies by Sunnis.[2]

Tashbih were apparent in Shia teaching, particularly in the thought of Al-Qasim al-Rassi, Zaidiyyah Imam of 8 AD century.[3]

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